About this blog

This blog is for anyone who lives in Herefordshire and expects the future to be quite unlike how things were in the past – before the coronavirus stopped us in our tracks.

In fact, before then, change was already taking place, albeit not admitted by most of us.

I believe that if we are to begin to understand the nature of the change we have to understand that energy is the basis of economics and finance.  This is important because it underlies how things are and will be for the foreseeable future.

Also, I believe that climate change is unstoppable and this should be an essential aspect of how we must now think.  We may be able to slow the process down, but not stop it.

These two factors, the energy basis of the economy and the inevitability of climate change will be taken as facts in this blog.  By doing so we will be able to focus on the changes and how we should prepare for them, as individuals and in our local economies. Rather than getting bogged down in an endless discussion about energy and climate change, with little chance of an agreement.

Contributions to the blog will be welcomed, especially by those who share these two beliefs. You may think the notion that economics is energy-based is a possibility, rather than a certainty. But you are prepared to go along with it.

Anyone can visit the blog.  The discussion will be limited to the Users of the site.

If you wish to become a User please contact me at bcooper@orcop.com or submit a post – If you wish to follow the posts and discussion please subscribe (see the side-bar on the right).

As Tim Morgan has said:  “the wise course of action now seems to involve intellectual and interpretative preparedness; a willingness to put our interpretation at the disposal of those committed to limiting environmental degradation; and keeping a weather eye for the opportunities which fundamental, widely-misunderstood change almost invariably provides.”