Writing about the future – it is impossible

The future will not be like the past.  I must now adjust my mindset.

There is little or nothing to say now, which is not speculation and imagination.  In my case based on reading books, articles and blogs about the future.

Am I completely off-beam in guessing that the future will be a mixture of de-growth, de-layering, simplification, bottom-up doings and declining prosperity?

What do my readers think?

I have set up what I call a “Dynamic Questionnaire”.

Dynamic because the results are immediate and ongoing.  So that participants can see how the responses change.  In reaction to how others respond and, over time with increasing awareness of the emerging future.

To participate click on the link.

Copy the link to a shortcut on your device if you want to see how the results change. And complete the Questionnaire again if you change your mind.

It is all anonymous.

Find out what readers think about the future.